A Whole New Look

PMAT® F4 Fragrance

Our all new-design covers all your air scented needs.
From the home to the office to your car, we have everything covered.

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With our many years of experience in all sectors of the cleaning industry we are able to provide you with a solution that is not only cost effective but also environmentally and ecologically conscious.

All our carefully developed products are at the cutting edge of the ever-evolving hygiene and cleaning industry, allowing us to give you the correct solution to your problem.​

Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of PMAT® Based on the decision of the company to diversify our products.

Solutions for every situation

Big or small, we have what you need

Easy installation

The PMAT 3.0 reminds you when to change it – simply pull off the date tabs upon installation. The F4 PMAT simply attaches to any surface using the suction cup on the back.

Home or work

Work or home​ the PMAT®3.0 is suitable for any urinal washroom solutions​.
The PMAT®F4 Fragrance can be used in almost any setting.

Fresh scents

We have the best scents for your needs. Neutralizing bad odors. Smelling good is feeling good in any environment.

No mess no fuss

No mess no fuss​. PMAT®3.0 reduces splash back and is easy to use​.
PMAT® F4 Fragrance is easy to place and discard after use.

Incredible fragrances

Take a look at our incredible fragrances

Citrus Orange

Step into a hot summer day with our Citrus Orange fragrance. Your whole bathroom will smell better than an orange orchid.

PMAT Citrus orange fragrance

Wild Cherry Red

Our wild cherry scent will leave your bathroom smelling rich and sweet. If you like cherry fizzers then this one is for you.

PMAT Fragrances

Eucalyptus Green

Incredible forest scent that will have you thinking your home is the rainforest. If you enjoy the fresh smell of trees after the rain then this one is for you.

Bubblegum Blue

For those with a sweet tooth, our bubble-gum blue scent leaves a light yet noticeable sweet tinge to the air in your home.

Lemon Grass Yellow

When life gives you lemons…Get the PMAT Lemon grass scent. This scent will leave your bathroom smelling great.