The all new PMAT® F4 Fragrance

Our all new revolutionary design will have your home, office and transport smelling great.

Small and effective

The PMAT® F4 Fragrance was designed with efficiency in mind.
The compact size contains 50-100 times more fragrance.

Extremely versatile

You can attach the PMAT® F4 Fragrance just about anywhere, perfect for inside cupboards, near toilets, inside trash cans, elevators and more.

Easy maintenance

The PMAT® F4 Fragrance is very easy to maintain and clean, due to the design.

PMAT Tamp logo

Everything produced and manufactured locally

Our products are manufactured by Tamp Products,
A local South African company.

PMAT® 3.0

The PMAT® 3.0 combines the technology of a 30 day urinal air freshener and deodorizer, with the best splash-back elimination available.

Revolutionary design

Features long protrusions on the top that diffuse the urine stream while releasing a pleasant fragrance, cutting cleaning time in half and with the additional slit allows the PMAT® to fit 90% of urinals.

Easy maintenance

By using a PMAT®, chewing gum, cigarette butts and paper pieces can be easily and quickly removed from urinals so no more blockages.


Our products are 100% Oxo-Biodegradable.

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Public Transport

Tourism & Public places

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