Bio PMAT – Yellow Lemon 10 pack


When life gives you lemons…Get the PMAT Lemon grass scent. This scent will leave your bathroom smelling great.


Introducing the new PMAT® 4.0 Bio
The PMAT® 4.0 Bio. Increased weight from 30g to 50g means there is now 40% more fragrance oil than any other urinal mat in the market.
Combines the technology of a 30 day (under normal washroom environment) urinal air freshener /deodorizer, with the best splash elimination available. Sized to fit 99% of urinals in the market. The new bio block assists in the breaking down of uric scale (this is where most of the bad smell comes from) in the bottle or U trap in urinals.
The revolutionary new design features long protrusions on the top, that diffuses the urine stream while releasing a pleasant fragrance, cutting cleaning time in half and with the new sizing the PMAT® will fit into 99% of urinals keeping 100% of the fragrance and bio power in the urinal.
Colours available:
Orange Green Blue Yellow Purple Clear
 Freshens Urinal a full 30 days – (under normal washroom environment)
 New Bio tablet to break down uric
 Reduces Splashback
 Locally Manufactured for reliable stock availability
 Fits 99% of current urinals
 40% more fragrance oil than any other urinal Mat
 Patent 2018/06309

Manufactured in South Africa


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